欢迎访问,加拿大 SAMUELEX INTERNATIONAL INC 部分烟斗烟具产品在中国的官方网站。 

Welcome to visit, the based-China official website of the partial briar pipes and smoking articles under Samuelex International Inc located in Vancouver of Canada.

自 1996 年以来,Samuelex International Inc 作为加拿大著名的吸烟具进口商和批发商,向消费者提供我们的系列品牌和优质集团产品以及我们的信誉服务。

As an importer and wholesale distributor of smoking accessories in Canada since 1996, Samuelex International Inc. provides series brands and quality products to customers with great services and reputation.


Sarome Tokyo 丁烷气体打火机和吸烟用品自 1940 年以来在日本制造,具有世界顶级品质,2 年有限保修

Sikaro 丁烷气体打火机,质量可靠,2 年有限保修

Legendex 丁烷气体打火机和优质烟盒内置涡轮防风打火机,质量可靠,1 年有限保修

Enginet 丁烷气体打火机和金属管内置压电打火机,质量可靠,1 年有限保修

Enginet 汽油防风打火机,质量可靠,终身保修


We provide the following warranty to the branded lighters and related articles we are carrying.

Sarome Tokyo butane gas lighters and smoking articles made in Japan since 1940 with the top quality in the world 2-years limited warranty

Sikaro butane gas lighters with reliable high quality 2-year limited warranty

Legendex butane gas lighters, and premium cigarette case built-in turbo windproof lighters with reliable high quality 1-year limited warranty

Enginet butane gas lighters, and metal pipe built-in piezo lighters with reliable high quality 1-year limited warranty

Enginet oil windproof lighters with reliable high quality with A life-time warranty

We try to put the most of our lighters into giving you the easiest achievable site to navigate. Please visit us often.



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